This is Eray Sertac Ersayin from Istanbul. I am President of Industrial Designers Society of Turkey (ETMK)

I would like to explain more about me since I am running for the Board of Directors of WDO 2022-2023, representing ETMK & I hope you'll support me again in the board elections.

The field of design has a very important role in the development of institutions, industries, brands, cities and nations. Within the production and consumption relationship, there are positive approaches that can apply the responsible production and responsible consumption goals. We need to evaluate this power, which is very important for our planet, within the design process. Designers undertake one of the most important responsibilities in the product design and development process and they are almost born ambassadors of the SDGs.

These collaborations bring awareness about SDGs through responsible production and consumption in various sectors. I have been involved in different industries in Design Process and Design Management responsibilities where ideas are assessed through the results of product and consumer experience worldwide in last 34 years.

During the Covid 19 Pandemic period, we have seen how productive WDO can be in terms of collaborating to combat local and global problems and producing design-oriented solutions with the contributions of its members. With the Design Challenge programs, we have developed interdisciplinary collaborations to combat the problems created by the pandemic and develop creative solutions, with thousands of participants from different professional experience and generations from all over the world. I got the leading of Asia Pacific team of Covid 19 Design Challenge in a collaboration by WDO, IBM and DFA. The other design challenge that I joined was Design in Space for Life on Earth Design Challenge in a collaboration of WDO and ISS. I have witnessed that design acts as a glue that is productive, develops ideas, carries out focused work towards real problems and needs, and combines the benefits of disciplines. These observations and competencies remind us again that we need to plan strategies that take care of consumption, usage scenarios and circular economy in order to live on a better planet.

In the coming period, we will see that the field of industrial design will bring people, living things, technology, materials and our planet even closer together. While preserving diversity, I would like to remind all WDO members that a cleaner, greener, more collective, more reconciliatory and even stronger design field has emerged with the business successes it has produced with creative solutions, combining the experiences gained from the past with the needs of tomorrow. I believe that we will use this positive power together in the best way.

As an experienced design professional, I can bring my 34 years of expertise of managing industries and influencing public design initiatives to WDO and if elected as a Board Member I would be happy to work with the President and the Executive Board to support WDO objectives during this term.

Professional Experience

Kale Group (VP Design & Innovation, CDO) Holistic Bathroom, 2010-2016
DeiChung (Far East & Design Director) Household Appliances, 2005-2009
Koc Group (Fortune 500) (Demirdokum, Design Manager) Household Appliances 1989-2005

Jury Memberships (+300 Design Competitions such as IF Product Design Germany, G Mark Japan, Design Intelligency Award Hangzhou, High Speed Train Design Competition Qingdao, Shenzhen Industrial Design Award, Design Management Europe, Eindhoven, American Architecture Awards, Chicago and others)

Award winner (+30 Awards) Speaker (Beijing, Mexico City, Graz, Hangzhou, Helsinki, London and others)

Present Occupation

President of Industrial Designers Society of Turkey
President of Creative Industries Council, Turkey
Executive Board Member of Design Turkey Awards
Member of Creative Industries Assembly, Turkey
VP, Life, Health Sciences Society
Change Architect, Board Member of CC Academy
Founder reform/ist Strategic Design, Consultant Company.


BA Industrial Design Department,
Faculty of Architecture, METU, Ankara, 1988
Strategic Management, Coaching & Leadership Executive MBA Programme, Koc University, Istanbul, 2007